git.repo.i2p is a public, pseudonymous Git hosting site. Pseudonymous in that, while you still require an identity to push to a repository, that identity is not tied to yourself - your connection through I2P means that your push identity is not linked to your real IP address. The server supports pulling via both the Git and HTTP protocols, and pushing over SSH with public key authentication. Alternatively, other repositories can be mirrored here. (read more, terms of use)

The service is hosted and maintained by str4d, please contact str4d@mail.i2p with any requests, proposals, issues or patches. Also, if you like this service, Bitcoin donations to 1Lj7Q9aEzZzra1eR5LfpCVo2pA44qAHf8p are welcome!

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How to grab a project? If Git is set up for I2P, simply git clone git://pull.git.repo.i2p/project.git.
Then, repeat git pull to update to the latest version of the project.
See this guide for help with setting up Git for I2P.
See the The Git Homepage for more details about Git and its usage.
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